Becoming a Student

Becoming a Student at Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting Staff

There are many ways to attend MKA, below read carefully the different options you have and decide which one best fits you! *Note that we do recommend the onsite in class option due to how fast we will be teaching the material. We find that being in physical class at the academy gives students an immediate support system through peers and faculty, and it is easier for students to hold themselves accountable to dedicating the proper amount of learning and study time.

On-Site Student

If you choose to be an on-site student, you will be attending class at the academy Monday- Friday, 8:00 am – 12:00 or 12:50 pm depending on where you are starting (Theory or Speedbuilding).

Online Live Student

An online live student is one that does not live near enough to attend class on campus, but tunes in online during the academy class time (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 12:00 or 12:50 pm). You will be interactive with the students who are in class on campus from your home or choice of location, during class time.

Online Non-Live Student

A non-live online student is one who cannot attend live class times, and chooses to watch class videos online of the day’s previously recorded class. You are held accountable for when you watch them and get the homework done. This is done at your individual convenience.

*On Site and Online Live Class term begins in September of each year. If you would like to enroll at any other point in the year and not wait for September, your learning option is to be a Non-Live Online Student. As a non-live online student, you are able to begin the program the beginning of any quarter after completing the enrollment process.

Cost of Tuition

Tuition is the same across the board regardless of the type of student (online, onsite) you choose to be.

Beginning Students

$500/month for beginning students who have NOT completed a Theory. ** Please note: this price does NOT decrease once you have completed our Theory classes. The price remains $500 until you have completed the program. **

Transfer Students (Has spent $10,000 or more at another court reporting school)

$300/month for students who have attended another court reporting school and have spent at least $10,000 (you are required to provide documentation to obtain this pricing).

Professional Court Reporters

$250/month for professional court reporters only who would like to relearn only Theory using Mr. Kislingbury’s method or to brush up on speed building.

One-time New Student $75.00 registration fee.

Payment Options: We accept: check, cash, card (credit/debit), and PayPal

note that we do not provide a Federal financial aid option, but if cost is proved to be an issue we can provide you with alternative resources to aid you once you contact us.