How to Apply

Please see the Enrollment Deadlines Calendar found by clicking the School Information page on the homepage of to see deadline dates and times for your chosen quarter of application.

Please make sure you are checking your email spam/junk folder in case any communication is accidentally bounced there. We will not extend any deadlines due to unread or bounced emails.

Step 1:

Request Entrance Application from OR download from the School Information page on our website. Complete and return by application deadline time and date.

  • You will need to download a PDF reader on your computer if you do not have one to fill out the Entrance Application. (Adobe Reader is free- just google “Adobe Reader Free Download”.)
  • Please enter the email address you would like ALL correspondence regarding MKA to go to.

Step 2:

Payment of Non- Refundable Registration Fee ($100.00) by deadline.

  • You will receive an invoice AFTER turning in your application.

Step 3:

Complete and Submit the Entrance Exam by the deadline. You must make a 70 or above in order to be accepted to the program for enrollment.

  • After we receive and process your payment, you will then receive an email invitation to take the Entrance Exam. Please allow 24-48 business hours to receive this email invitation.
  • Read the information in the email and follow all directions included to take the Entrance Exam. The exam is timed and proctored.
  • You must make a 70 or above on this exam to be eligible for enrollment. It covers grammar, spelling, homophones, some history and geography, and reasoning skills. It is 100 multiple choice questions and should not take longer than an hour to complete. These questions are general knowledge and reasoning based on the educational level of a high school graduate or GED equivalent.
  • After you have taken the entrance exam, please give us 2-5 business days to get back to you regarding the next steps.

Please allow 24- 48 business hours of processing time at each step as we complete work during school business hours which are Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm Central Standard Time. (Not including holidays and Quarter Breaks.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fail the entrance exam?

You are not eligible for enrollment for that quarter.

If I fail is the registration fee refundable?

No, it is non-refundable.

If I fail the entrance exam, can I take it again?

Yes, you may take it again, but not for that quarter enrollment period. You may try again for the next quarter enrollment after the enrollment for the current quarter is closed. For example, if I fail the entrance exam for Winter Quarter entry, I can take the exam again after the enrollment period for Winter Quarter is over for a Spring Quarter enrollment. You will need to contact to request being put on the next quarter’s enrollment list- we will not automatically assume you want to be put on another list.

Do I have to pay the registration fee again if I fail the test?

Yes, the registration fee is non-refundable and you must pay it with each application to enroll.

What if I miss the testing and/or registration fee deadline?

You will not receive enrollment documents or be able to enroll for that quarter. You may email to request placement on the next quarter’s enrollment list.