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When Mark opened the Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting, he envisioned students physically attending his school in Houston, Texas, from all over the country. He designed his court reporting program to be intensive and completed in a short amount of time (just 18 months!). But Mark understands that due to individual circumstances, some people will not be able to move to Houston and attend the Academy.

For this reason, we now have a complete online school with five online graduates, who were from the states of New York, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Delaware.

Mark believes that to maximize a student's chances of successfully achieving professional court reporter speed and accuracy with online training, an individual must come to the table with the "5 Ds": desire, discipline, determination, dedication, and drive. If you have these in abundant supply, then online participation in Mark's Academy may work for you.

As an online participant, you will be watching Mark teach his theory, and speed building techniques, and academics to his students who are on campus at his school. If you are able to watch the live online broadcasts, you can join the online chat room to ask questions. Each class session is recorded, so if you can't watch live feeds, then the archived videos are available. If you have any questions about the videos or their content, Mark can be contacted via e-mail.

If you would like to begin participating online, feel free to sign up now. Once you have signed up and paid the appropriate fee, you will receive an e-mail directing you to the website to view the classes, as well as instructions on how to get set up on the site.

If you have questions, call 281-859-0791 or you can email us through the Contact Us page.


Online participation costs:

$500 PER MONTH for beginning students who have not completed a Theory. **Please note: this price does not decrease once you have completed our Theory classes. The price remains $500 until you have completed the program.**

$250 PER MONTH for court reporters or students who have completed Theory at another school and have spent at least $10,000 and are looking to shorten their writing.

$300 PER MONTH for court reporters or students who have completed Theory at another school and have spent at least $10,000 and want to take speed building classes.

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