About The Founder


Mark Tod Kislingbury CSR, RMR, CRR

Hometown: Ames, Iowa
Current home:  Houston, Texas

Married 24 years, three children


Career Goal: To use the gifts God has given me to His glory and not my own

Education/Court Reporting School: American Institute of Business, Des Moines, Iowa; Began fall 1981; Departed January 1983

World Record



In 2004, at the NCRA National Convention, Mark wrote and transcribed a one-minute, 360wpm Q&A at 97.22% accuracy, setting a new Guinness World Record.

Recent activity:


Have conducted dozens of seminars - in person, via telephone, and via internet - attended by thousands of court reporters all over North America on how to excel in court reporting speed and realtime


In 2008, Mark founded Magnum Steno, Inc., to provide other products and services helpful to the court reporting/captioning profession


In 2008 Mark published “Magnum Steno: Write Short - Write Fast!”, his compendium of writing short for professional reporters


In 2008, Mark unveiled the Magnum Steno Club, a popular and fast-growing online club for daily practice of speed, briefs, as well as instructional videos


Author of My System: The Road to Realtime Excellence, published by the NCRA in 2001


Currently mentoring numerous court reporting students via e-mail


Currently writing on the LightSpeed machine, which Mark believes is the most cutting-edge court reporting machine in existence


Appeared as Mr. July in the NCRA’s inaugural Men of Court Reporting 2006 calendar


In 2004, Mark founded StenoMaster, Inc. to provide products and services helpful to the court reporting/captioning profession


Author of The StenoMaster Theory published in 2004


Court Reporting Experience:


28-year career, 18 years freelance court reporter


15 years broadcast captioner


Provides daily instant transcripts to Rush Limbaugh radio program


Performed realtime for display purposes in majority of depositions for 10 years


Have reputation for being extremely accurate and unafraid to tackle any job


Traveled to Netherlands to provide realtime display for counsel for a week of depositions


Provided realtime display for viewing by both counsel and the judge in a three-week capital murder trial


Provided realtime for display to a deaf defendant in Houston Federal criminal court


Provided realtime for display to counsel and judge in a highly technical ten-day Federal trial and provided same-day transcripts, working alone with one scopist in June 1996


Provided realtime for display to judge and multiple counsel in the high-profile August 1997 State of Florida tobacco case and provided same-day transcripts, working alone with one scoper, until the case settled for $11B



Captioning and Other Experience:



Currently presenting numerous realtime seminars around the country for state associations and other court reporting groups


Currently realtime live the Rush Limbaugh radio program


Currently provide captioners for three television stations


Currently provide realtimers for the Glenn Beck radio program


Currently using Stenovations LightSpeed machine and promoting its ultra-light touch





Captioned Creation in the 21st Century on TBN, a show studying the science behind creation and evolution


Closed-captioned live the Dove Awards


Captioned directly to the Internet for IBM the entire Kasparov vs. Deep Blue chess match (followed live by millions worldwide), realtiming for 4-5 hours straight at high speeds, with no breaks in talk


Realtimed 2001 NCRA Annual Business Meeting in New Orleans before a crowd of 500 and Internet audience, as well as 2004 and 2007 Annual Business Meetings


Captioned live events onto the Internet, for worldwide viewing, for large Internet and computer-related technologies seminars, conventions, and symposia, including speeches of Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, Apple, NASA scientists, and the Father of the Internet, Vint Cerf


Closed-captioned NFL football, NBA, and NCAA basketball on national television


Closed-captioned nationally the1998 Superbowl pregame show highlighting the Denver Broncos team members


Closed-captioned hundreds of news broadcasts on numerous television stations in the U.S. and Canada


Captioned the election returns in Quebec (French names!) on election night for national television in Canada


Captioned live events in sports arenas—NBA basketball, Sesame Street Live, ice show, circus, university commencement exercises


Closed-captioned Sunday morning services for the hearing-impaired at Second Baptist Church in Houston, pro bono, for two years


Have written realtime for the deaf in numerous meetings, functions, and educational settings, both for pay and on a pro-bono basis, since 1990


Realtimed for two deaf board members at the Houston Center for Hearing and Speech monthly board meetings for two years


Captioned monthly meetings of the Houston chapter of Self Help for Hard of Hearing, pro bono, for three years


Participated in the Texas Court Reporters Association task force for creating Texas' first CART test for court reporters


Captioned the Southern Baptist National Convention in Salt Lake City, 1998


Closed-captioned NBA Houston Rockets basketball for Houston television for many years


Have written articles for and been featured in court reporting industry journals, such as Journal of Court Reporting, The Texas Record, and S*T*A*R


Featured in chapter on church captioning in book Inside Captioning, by Gary Robson


Involved in direct consultation, development, and sales of CAT software


Consultant for testing steno machines and offering input for improvement

Mark Kislingbury
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