Court Reporting Academy Testimonials

Having the opportunity to attend Mark's online classes has been like finding a gold mine for me! I'm still employed full-time at a regular job here in Maryland while I'm working toward my court reporting dream. Every day, instead of wasting time listening to music on my desktop computer, I actually log in to the MK Academy online website and play the different sessions all day long while I'm... um, "working." I'm constantly picking up new briefs that shorten my writing.

Just think about it.

  * First, I'm learning from "the Michael Jordan of Court Reporting!"

  * Second, I've got one-on-one communication with him through the live classes.

  * And third, I have access to all of the archived videos of any recorded classes that I've missed (even those that occurred prior to my signing up!). I can go back and review anything I missed. (I'm still kicking myself for not enrolling in the first month that he started offering the online participation.)

  * Oh, and fourth, with the Dropbox, I've got access to the whole Theory book (for free!) -- I almost want to whisper that one because I don't want Mark to realize what a bonus it is that he's letting leak out.

  * Wait, there's a fifth: Mark's got a refreshing sense of humor and his classes are always a pleasure to attend. Wait till you see the stretching exercises that he leads during class.

I could go on, but class is starting in a bit and Mark doesn't like it when you're late. Hey, that's a sixth one! He's teaching professionalism, work ethics, and court reporting etiquette and knowledge to his students who will graduate and become stellar reporters.

- Terri L.
Mark Kislingbury
Mark Kislingbury's Academy of Court Reporting
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