Mark Kislingbury's Academy Of Court Reporting

WE ARE NOW APPROVED FOR ONLINE CLASSES IN TEXAS! Please use the "Apply" link to get more information.

Congratulations to our graduates:

Melody Among RPR, Faith Labyer TX CSR, Matthew Goldstein (online) RPR, Jennifer Norman (online) AR CSR, Daley Young TX CSR, Sally Gill, RPR, Katye Moody (online), Amanda Among RPR, Maria Brown (online)

The average graduation for the above students is 1 year and 10 months.

Congratulations to our transfer graduates:

Michelle Miller TX CSR, Julie Borski TX CSR, Amy Hubbard (online) OK CSR, Andrew Falk TX CSR, Carrie Gold (online) RPR, Bailey Evans TX CSR, Kelly Salassi (online)

Mark Kislingbury has not only set the Guinness World Record for “fastest court reporter” with a staggering 360wpm recorded, but he has also won seven National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Speed Contests and five NCRA Realtime Contests. He trains professionals and students alike on his popular website,

Mark achieves such amazing speeds by using fewer strokes than other court reporters and maximizing his finger speed. By combining these two skills, he has achieved his one-of-a-kind results as the world's fastest court reporter.

Mark has now founded The Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting in Houston, Texas, to share his short-writing methods and speed-building techniques with court reporting students who want the absolute best training available anywhere.

School Philosophy

The Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting is an aptly named court reporting school, because it is the brainchild of Mark himself, and it is an “Academy” in the sense that it is very high-level training. Mark will incorporate all of his methods into the training, many of which methods other schools outright reject (to their detriment).

This is no ordinary court reporting school. The Houston, Texas Academy of Court Reporting will only accept students who demonstrate a strong desire to work hard, play by the rules, and who are willing to do what it takes to graduate quickly and pursue excellence in the numerous opportunities open to those with high court reporting skills. Graduates of The Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting will be able to pursue lucrative and exciting careers in: official court reporting, freelance court reporting, CART providing, broadcast captioning, etc.

Mark Kislingbury's two-pillared system involving learning to write short, and learning how to practice at high speeds (which is the same exact system he used to win his contests and achieve his world record), are in direct conflict with the way the majority of court reporting schools have been teaching for at least the past 20 years. Mark believes that other schools are teaching faulty methods, which burden students with impractical techniques that actually prohibit most of those students from ever graduating. This essentially means these students will have spent thousands of dollars for nothing.

Mark envisions a school environment and morale full of motivation and optimism, while at the same time featuring intense, determined training sessions.

Excellence in training and results are the key philosophies The Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting has been founded on.

Mark Kislingbury
Mark Kislingbury's Academy of Court Reporting
19708 Northwest Fwy, Ste 2100
Houston,Texas,77065 USA